Concrete Pavement Mold
Concrete Pavement Mold
Concrete Pavement Mold

Concrete Pavement Mold

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Trendy Castle's Concrete Pavement Mold is a paving mold used to make a cement (or red mud) garden path. It consists of irregular holes, which can fill the cement slurry in the mold, and then smooth the upper part by hand. When dry, take out the loading mold and sprinkle the stone sand (or plant grass) in the gap.

    • Suitable for gardens, meadows, balconies, villas and more.
    • Easy to operate -- the perfect DIY project.
    • It can be reused unlimited times.

    • Make multicolored pavements by simply blending color pigment into the cement mixture.
    • Beautiful and practical with an affordable budget. 


    • Color: Black.
    • Material: PP.
    • Size: 43 x 43 x 4.5 cm (Style A) / 40 x 45 x 4.5 cm (Style B) /  29.3 x 28 x 4.5 cm (Style C)



    • 1 x Path Floor Mould.


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